2017 & Prior Customers & Cars

A Pair of Z28s


PowerSteering.com rebuilt the gearbox for Troy's 1981 Z28 in Dec. 2017. (Kentucky)


We rebuilt the gearbox for Chris's 1971 Z28 in Oct 2017. (Wisconsin)

1969 Chevy K20 - Faster Ratio (and steering not returning to center)

I installed the box last week and have put about 100 miles on it since the install. I REALLY like the quick ratio as compared to the old gear. Interstate/ high speed drivability is much better. The new gearing also fixed the bump steer issue I had previously. The steering wheel return to nuetral issue was still present to some degree. I hit all of the new ball joints and tie rod ends with a liberal amount of grease. That in itself made a big improvement, now the wheel returns back to center.
Thank you again for the fast turnaround and quality product!

p.s. One month later:I have an update on my steering not returning to center issue. Well, I thought that i had it taken care of until a couple of weeks ago, it came back while on a longer drive. This time with the help from my wife turning the steering wheel back and fourth I discovered the problem. The leaf spring pack was moving 3/8” back and fourth on the axle spring perch. After retorquing the u-bolt nuts, problem solved. I wanted to let you know just in case someone has the same issue and assumes the problem is in the steering box like me.
— Mark - New Mexico, 1969 Chevy K20 (Dec 2017)

A Pennsylvania pair of F100s with PowerSteering.com gearbox rebuilds, completed in August/September 2017. 

Scott's 1971 F100 with Ford Gearbox 

Scott's 1971 F100 with Ford Gearbox 

Harry's 1969 F100 with Bendix Gearbox

Harry's 1969 F100 with Bendix Gearbox

1967 Chevelle

just a note to let you know got gear back as promised. Installed it and just got back from test drive. Absolutely one of the best upgrades I have ever done!!! Was better than I had hoped!!! Thanks for excellent service and great product!!!
— Steve - SE Minnesota - 1967 Chevelle fast ratio upgrade (Aug 2017)

1989 AirStream

Dual Piston Saginaw Medium Duty Gearbox

Dual Piston Saginaw Medium Duty Gearbox

PowerSteering.com rebuilt the Dual Piston Saginaw gearbox for this 1989 AirStream in Jan 2017. The owner, from North Blenheim, New York called in July to say he had just gotten it on the road and was very happy with the rebuild. He said we would be recommending us on the AirStream forums he frequents. He sent photos to post.

Slow ratio conversion

Local customer Harvey arrived with gearbox in hand. Though he owned this resto-mod Coupe for a few years, he hated the way it steered, "it was twitchy". He asked us to do the opposite of what we usually do, "slow down the ratio."   

While its usually a fast ratio conversion that makes an older car more enjoyable, in this case (with this particular resto-mod), the slower ratio did the trick.  

Harvey - Nixa, MO - 1937 Chevy Coupe with 327 and Saginaw 800 power steering (June 2017)

1969 Camaro SS

Just wanted to say thank you. System went in great, instructions were invaluable, and the feel of the car is fantastic. You were so right, no need or desire for a rack and pinion setup after this. Thanks for the hard work and craftsmanship you put into the parts, truly appreciated and made all the difference in the car.

Million Mile Mustang

One Million Mile 1966 Mustang

PowerSteering.com rebuilt the Ford blue power steering pump for this car in May 2017. Here's an article and video about Victor and his million mile Mustang. 

1978 International Scout

It’s on, took a while to bleed but it works well and there are no leaks. It isn’t as easy as a new car but I don’t expect it to be that soft to steer. I think the owner will be pleased when he drives it tomorrow. I hope to send you more in the future. It’s a rare occasion that I need your service but you are my guy from now on and I’ll sure recommend you.
— Kit, Lindsay Transmission's Owner - Warrensburg, MO - 1978 International Scout (Jun 2017)

1964 Power Wagon

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your work, the power steering pump looks awesome!
— Dana - Clarence, NY - 1964 W100 Power Wagon (Apr 2017), Mopar TRW Pump

2002 F350

I just got back from a trip to New Mexico and driving through the Texas Panhandle where it’s always windy it took little effort to keep the truck and trailer in a straight line. Normally I would be back-and-forth with the steering wheel, but since the rebuild all I have to do is hold the steering wheel steady.

Also, since the wheels are tight to the gearbox when going over bumps, as in an overpass or bridge, the truck stays straight instead of veering off to one side or the other. I can hardly believe how much of a difference it’s made, I will recommend your service to anyone that needs it.
— Tony, F350 - Rogersville Horse Transportation, haulmyhorse.com (Jan 2017)

1956 Roadmaster

PowerSteering.com rebuilt the gearbox and pump for this 1956 Buick Roadmaster for Esko, our customer in Finland (June 2017.)

1956 Roadmaster - Finland

1973 Mustang

I sent my steering gear to Marty for rebuild and upgrade to the fast ratio.

When I received the steering gear back, the carton had been damaged by the shipping carrier but the gear appeared to be fine. After installation, the steering seemed to be binding . I called Marty and explained the problem. He was very concerned and asked me to return it for inspection.

Upon receipt, Marty inspected the unit and called me immediately. The input shaft had been very slightly bent from damage incurred during shipment. He replaced the shaft, thoroughly inspected every piece in the gear and I had it back in 2 days!

The gear now works perfectly. The quick ratio conversion made an incredible improvement in the handling of the car. I could not be happier with my experience with PowerSteering.com.

Customer Service is a high priority to Marty and his work is second to none.

1965 Impala

I received the steering box and I think that if it operates as well as it looks, I’m really going to like it! I have it in place, and am looking forward to completing the car so I can try it!
— JIM - K.C. - 1965 IMPALA (DEC 2016)

1969 AMX

Hi! I received the gear box today, if it works as good as it looks Iam sure I’ll love it
— LANCE - SOUIX FALLS - 1969 AMX (JAN 2017)

1976 Eldorado

In October 2016 we rebuilt the pump and a fast ratio gearbox for a NW Arkansas pilot's Cadillac restoration. As Jeff put it, no more "sawing back-and-forth" driving down the road.

1976 Eldorado

1967 Caprice

My 1967 Caprice front end is complete now.
The steering gear box you all built for my car compliments the other components that were already installed.
It was already fun to drive now I joke with my wife that my cars steering is better that her 2011 Mustang.
Frank-Nashville r3.jpg

1968 GTO

I received both boxes on Tuesday, and everything looks absolutely great! PS pump looks like it did in 1968! Steering box looks perfect—-I love the finish, the date codes showing thru and the Saginaw logo. Thanks for making my steering parts look like new again!
— T.B. – 1968 PONTIAC GTO

2001 Dodge 4x4

I finally got a chance to install the box you sent me. It is on a 2001 Dodge 4x4 diesel. All I can say is wow. The difference is amazing. I had spent a small fortune on this truck. I had converted to the 98 T style steering, and had also installed the DSS stabilizer. Nothing made as much difference in the way the truck drives as the new box did. The install only took about an hour. I followed your instructions and I had no problems. Even with the ratio change, the truck is still very easy to turn when not moving. Highway speeds are much better now. The constant correction I was having to do before is gone and the truck responds like a new one.
— B.M. – 2001 DODGE 4×4

I read the Car Craft article, and I went through all this 3 years ago. There are small problems associated with all the swaps as pointed out in the CC article. I sent my original ‘66 power steering box and pump to: Chip Woyner, 2347 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO 65803, www.powersteering.com. He rebuilt my original 24-1 box into a 12.7:1 and rebuilt my original pump to match the box, sold me new hoses, and taught me all about power steering set-ups (knowledge which I did not retain). But what I did retain is this, If you want to mess with all the hassle of trying to find used parts (then pray they actually work) and swap all of in, then maybe it will work out as you want and maybe it will need doing again to get it right, you can. But what I did is fool proof. And everyone who drives my car comments on the steering. It is great!! It comes back clean, black, like new, ready to bolt on and use with no problems, guaranteed. Chip is famous in other circles, that’s how I found him. He is a good, honest, easy to talk to man and I highly recommend him and his company. The guy who did my front end alignment again this spring after I put all needed new parts in the front of my ‘66 drove it after he aligned it came back with a big smile, “There are NO old cars that drive like that” he says. Well we both know that was just paying a compliment, but if I do say so, it is impressive, I wish I would have done this many years ago. BTW I swapped a used “Quick ratio box” onto the car before I did the rebuilding thing and had problems. Mostly due to the pump and the box being mismatched, but the box was also less than perfect. I am thankful I found Chip. He’s the Man!! with power, and manual, steering. This has been a non paid non political public service announcement.
— MIKE – 1966 GM

1974 AMC Javelin 

I can’t be more delighted with the 12.7:1 quick ration conversion, blueprinting and power steering pump rebuild on our 1974 AMC Javelin AMX. When I turn the wheel, it has more effort and turns instantly that direction. Now, it responds just like a modern car with rack and pinion steering. Your conversion is simply amazing and is a must have for classic hot rods and muscle cars like mine. I thought I was going to have live with zero feedback and ultra slow response but not anymore thanks to Power Steering Services. Fantastic job on the show detailing too and well worth the price (it gives us a little extra edge at the shows, just went to my first yesterday). Your personalized instructions allowed my buddy and I to R&R the gear box and power steering pump ourselves with great results. Thanks for the great product and top notch service. I highly recommend your conversion to anyone with an AMC Javelin, AMX or Javelin AMX
— S.C. – 1974 AMC Javelin AMX

1971 Chevelle

It was well worth the money. My 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle never handled better. I feel the road again. Thanks again!

1970 Chevelle

I wanted to let you know that I finished installing the power steering on my Chevrolet Chevelle. I works like a dream! I should have done that years ago! I appreciate your help and patience, and love the results. Thanks again.

1998 Dodge Ram

The steering box you sent me I have now installed and it has cured the problem I was having for 7 years. I was too stupid to know that 4 and 1/4 turns was even available let alone be put in my 1998 Doge Ram 12V 2500 by some factory worker that did not know or care. The box you sent, 3 turns plus 20 degrees and I knew immediately it would make a big difference which it has. The truck steers the way a truck should: straight down the road, no nonsense. I hate to admit I drove semis for 16 years in 48 states and did not know why my damn Ram did not steer as it should. One of your customers wrote in about his problem to Turbo Diesel Register (TDR) and that you had answered his questions and put him on the right track. Because of him I phoned you and got an education which I do so very much appreciate. I was impressed with the Borgeson shaft. My old one had a rubber connection that would probably have been OK for non-power steering but I could see no use for it and evidently Borgeson does not like it either. I wrote in to TDR about my episode to try to be of help to others with the same problem and mentioned I got the rebuilt box from you and I hope that will generate some business for you.
— J.B. – 1998 Dodge Ram

1969 GTO

The May 2000 issue of Muscle Car Review contained an article (“How To Upgrade Your GM Power Steering Box,” p. 60) highlighting a GM power steering box upgrade by Power Steering Services. I was rebuilding the front suspension of my ‘69 GTO, and the article was very timely. I called Power Steering Services and spoke with Chip Woyner. Mr. Woyner was incredibly helpful and patient. I had never worked on a power steering unit and I had numerous questions. His assurances regarding how the upgrade would improve handling and his offer to provide guidance if I ran into difficulty removing or replacing the equipment convinced me to complete the upgrade. Power Steering Services completed the work within the promised time frame, and Mr. Woyner immediately answered e-mail questions I sent regarding installation of the box. The project was a success and I would recommend this upgrade for all GM musclecar owners. I only wish that every vendor in this musclecar hobby was as squared away as Power Steering Services (No, I don’t own stock. I’ve never met Mr. Woyner or anyone else associated with the company)
— M.N. – 1969 Pontiac GTO

1966 Cutlass

Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate you and your work. A few years back you rebuilt my box and pump from my 1966 Cutlass and the result was just great. It is a joy to drive and I couldn’t be happier. You were great to talk to and your work was perfect. Since then I have seen people all over the net on every board I go to telling the same type of story about how happy they were with your work. I take every chance I get to post my little story about the difference in my car as well. The recurring theme is always the same, everyone is really happy with what you have done for us. That’s all I wanted, just to tell you personally how happy everyone is with you. Never saw anything negative. You’re the best.
— M.P. – 1966 Olds Cutlass