About Us

Located near Springfield, Missouri PowerSteering.com was first incorporated in 1995 by a long-time car enthusiast and muscle car owner.

After a 20+year career as a Firefighter, Paramedic and EMS administrator, Chip Woyner decided to leave the service industry and travel a different road. Building on his favorite past times of restoring old cars and trucks, Chip built a new business around restoration. As a young man, he loved automobiles and what made them work. Being a Machinist Mate in the United States Navy gave him the basis for this mechanical education and graduating from Greer Automotive Tech Institute in Chicago. Chip has incorporated his love for old cars with his management abilities to develop a unique restorative service for classic car enthusiasts.

As new technology emerged in the auto industry, more muscle car owners expressed the desire to have their old cars drive and handle like their newer vehicles, without costly major changes to the car\’s original engineering. Chip’s first challenge was to his own 1969 Oldsmobile 442. The slow 20:1 constant ratio gearbox seemed to take all day to go from lock-to-lock and was the inspiration for the fast-ratio steering conversion. Today, Chip has rebuilt & restored hundreds of steering gears both power steering and manual. As a small re-builder and re-manufacturer of power and manual steering gearboxes and power steering pumps for cars and light trucks as well as classics and specialty vehicles like postal Jeeps, airport tugs, Fords, AMC’s & Dodge trucks. “Fast Ratio” conversions are a large part of the business, converting Saginaw & Delphi power steering gearboxes from the old 20:1 ratio or 16/13:1 variable ratio (4+ turns lock to lock) to 12.7:1 constant ratio (3 turns or less lock to lock). Regular “complete” rebuilds with no ratio changes are also available for cars, trucks and specialty vehicles.