About Us

Located near Springfield, Missouri, PowerSteering.com was first incorporated in 1995. 
In the summer of 2016, Marty Preuss, a mechanical engineer, with years of remanufacturing experience became owner of PowerSteering.com. He has applied his background in process management, quality engineering and lean manufacturing to PowerSteering.com.
Product quality has always been a given at PowerSteering.com. The emphasis now is on repeatable processes with great customer service. Improvements in the areas of work instructions, quality records, workplace cleanliness and customer communications have been implemented. Now, PowerSteering.com contacts customers the day after their parts arrive so they know we have them and what we plan to do with them. If there are questions, we get them resolved up-front.

PowerSteering.com's 1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88:


With fast ratio steering (of course)



The original 1995 business opening announcement in a Springfield, MO article: