Shipping Guide

Please follow these easy steps to package and ship your gearbox, pump or cores to

  1. Remove the pitman arm (with a pitman arm puller available for rent or loan at most auto part stores), or leave the pitman arm attached and it will be removed and replaced it in the proper position at “no” charge.
  2. Empty ALL oil from the power steering gearbox turning the input (small) shaft many times. Please empty oil from power steering pumps as well. Leaking oil during shipment may cause the shipper to return the package to you. MANUAL gearboxes need NOT be emptied.
  3. To avoid damage to your pump, ship the gearbox and pump in separate boxes. The heavy gearbox can damage pump reservoirs.
  4. Bag the gearbox in heavy duty plastic bags and seal it. Place in a strong cardboard box with appropriate padding.
  5. Include contact information inside the box.
  6. Tape the box securely. Ship it insured for replacement value (request a tracking number from your shipper). Ship to:
607 Kathryn Street
Nixa, MO 65714

Phone: 1-417-374-7627 (cst)


Contact us if you have questions

When your item arrives at it is checked in. Using the contact information you provide, we will contact you to confirm the work requested.